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Introducing A_Rival's Remix Revival! Old music lives on!

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Every musician has a gigantic stockpile of unreleased material; I myself have folders upon folders of half-completed works that will most likely NEVER see the light of day.  Part of this problem is rooted in my constant changing of music setups: I change from OSX to PC to OSX, from DAW to DAW and from desktop to computer, all without regard to my musical homebase.   Just like moving from house to house, loads of THINGS get left to die in the chilling confines of hard drive prisons.

It just so happens that one of my presumably lost hard drives has been found by my former bandmate Digimatic!  Inside of it is a complete musical snapshot chronicling my musical past in the early 2000s.

In light of this new (musical) evidence, I have made it my mission to rummage through these semi-finished projects and FINISH THEM; that means I will modernize them, re-eq them and otherwise alter them as I see fit!  

I will release these revivals EVERY FRIDAY!

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