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TMNT 2012...a FREE music release for your pleasure!

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I had a lot of fun making this track; I've always wanted to make a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles remix. I took a huge cue from old school Pendulum and decided on doing a loud, aggressive, wild and FUN drum & bass arrangement of the main show theme. It gets me pumped to listen to it, so I hope that it evokes the same response from you! Enjoy it!

Also included is a rap I did in a jiffy based on the 2nd overworld theme of the original Ultra Games TMNT for the NES. It's always been one of my favorite tracks from the game; and Kirby Pufocia helped grind out some guitar to give it that super chuggy feel. I was so happy with how the instrumental turned out that I also released it in the same package. It's a completely different experience without the lyrics!

Go to my bandcamp page to download all the tracks for free!

PS. Big ups to MAXIMO for the brilliant art! It is #1.

1 comment:

  1. Yo A_Rival
    You're awesome.
    My name is Luis, and I love your music. My brother, Rex Wolf showed me 8-Bit Pimp and I immediately took to it.
    Keep up the awesome work, you amazing pimp.


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