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My MAGFest experience. Footage follows...

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This year's MAGFest brought a seemingly obvious, yet somehow frequently doubted fact to light:

MAGFest is THE best video game convention.

I've never had so many wonderful memories, so little sleep, and such unadulterated disregard for my liver's well-being than at this convention. I almost tear up thinking of the 6am arcade room raids followed by 8am breakfast binges with people I see, at most, once annually. MAGFest distills the purest love of game culture, dresses it up in the friendliest, most accessible manner, and serves it up on a hotel-sized buffet you pray to the gods that you could break a piece off of to take home and enjoy later.

...But you can't. Truly, I haven't been this heartbroken about coming back to my daily life in quite a while. One could play Devil's Advocate (starring Al Pacino) and say that its brevity is an essential ingredient to its emotional impact. I completely disagree. Like many conventions, it brings together a multitude of like-minded individuals in unified love for their respective focus. I can say without a shred of hesitation that this is MY con, MY love, and MY people.

And I will NEVER, EVER miss a MAGFest ever again in my life. Do yourself a favor and do the same. Oh, and please enjoy the footage of my 3:30am show. Yeah, it was THAT HYPE at 3:30am.


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