New website incoming. I promise.
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Get it here.

Title pretty much says it all. :)

...Danny B came up with this name. :-P

Enjoy. You can download it here.

Also, to commemorate the upcoming release of Super Meat Boy Soundtrack: 8-Bit Pimp will be on sale for a measly 3 bucks this Monday! If you buy his CD, mAEt Boy will be track #1. Support a great artist and GRAB IT WHEN IT COMES OUT SOMETIME SOON!

...the video pretty much says it all. :) If for some reason you can't view it, I'll give you the rundown: Push it Down is an application based around freestyle hip-hop and audience interactivity involving a custom-made controller. You select the games, I rap about them.

But you don't just SCREAM the game out to me or ASK me to kick an off-topper before the show; here, you can contribute to the game pool which will be compiled for use at all future shows this year.

How do I contribute game names?

It's quite simple; either go to the A_Rival facebook page and post a comment on the wall which contains which games you'd like to hear raps about, or leave a comment right here in this thread. Either way works, and you can list as many games as you like.

The more mentions a particular game gets, the higher the chance it will come up in the show.

Any questions? Sound off in the comments.
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