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I get fan questions on the mailing list every so often; these questions are often good enough that I believe they merit being posted on here for people to see! I've selected a few from the box that I think are nice reads.

Q: Some of the baselines on 8-bit Pimp (the album) sound pretty familiar. Are there any particular musical homages you dropped into the album - to games or otherwise, or was it all you?

A: I think almost the entire album has its roots in real game work I listen to tunes this era almost exclusively. The NES, MSX, Sega Genesis and SNES are my favorites. That being said, the song Secrets definitely has its roots in Metroid, Cybernetic Mariachi in Robert Rodriguez's movies, and 8-Bit pimp is based on an OLDER song that I had made a while ago, but wasn't influenced by any particular game. Actually it was more influenced by DJ Quik's 2005 album "Trauma".

Q: When and where can I buy hoodies / shirts? Also, what vendor's hoodies / shirts are you using?

A: The surefire way to snag some wearable swag is to see a live show and get the goods straight from us.

However, we are opening up an online store soon. Stay tuned!

Q: So I heard you played 3rd strike a lot. It's obvious to see some fighting games references in your music, do you still play street fighter? SSF4?

A: Of course! Though not as much as I'd like... lately, I've been alloting the majority of my free game time(not much) to Starcraft 2!

Q: What's your guilty pleasure?

A: I enjoy romantic comedies. I'm not lying. :3

And don't forget, you can submit your OWN fan questions or sign up for the list!

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