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A lot of you out there have already heard it, but a few years back I arranged a version of Busta Rhyme's "Break Ya Neck" in an 8-Bit style, complete with lyrics censored by tons of classic video game sounds.

I've recently re-released this old gem on my bandcamp page for free download!  BUT WAIT.

THERE IS A CONTEST!  Here are the rules:
There are 27 sound FX used to censor this song.  Name which NES game each sound effect comes from to win.  If a sound FX is used in multiple games, any of those games will do.  This all my discretion, of course!

Winner gets 1. A_Rival hoodie pictured here:

The first sound effect used is FIREBALL SOUND from ANY GAME in the SUPER MARIO BROS. series.  You can mark that one down as #1.

After a weeks' time, I will start revealing an answer EACH DAY.  Let's see how fast you guys can knock this one out!  Download the song, spread the word.  Good luck!

Woo hoo! My song (along with my friend Tony's) made it into the final game! I guess there was either too much awesome in Tony's remix or too much low end in my remix to say no to either, so we both came out winners.  The two of us deliberated over who deserved the crown (I still maintain that his was better) but in the end, a result occurred that neither of us could've predicted.  Truly amazin'!

In our winning posts, Tony describes going all-out rock in order to separate his entry from the rest of the electronica pack.  I can understand this, since I went out of my way to do almost the exact same thing!  Let me explain further...

The original plan was to make a dubstep-ish mix, but then play all live guitar over it in order to bring a unique flair to my mix.  There was one pretty serious problem, however.... I eat balls when it comes to playing guitar.  I spent(wasted) a good 4 hours just punching the melody over and over...and it never sounded good!  Distraught, I decided to try my hand at synthesizing a lead.

At first, the lead synth was going to be much more synth-like, but after running it through the guitar FX I had set up for my guitar, it sounded so much like a real guitar  that I went that route instead.  Problem solved!

Congratulations to Tony and the other entrants!  We all get free copies of the game!

In other news, GamingVortex posted a review of my album.  I think it's a very concise, detailed review, and definitely one that I can tell had a lot of time put into.  I suggest you read it and see if you agree with his points!  I think it's a great review.


The album "8-Bit Pimp" is now a part of the creative commons! Share it with a friend! Support artists who think music should be HEARD and not WHORED. Hyuk.

I'm a huge fan of supported initiatives to free music from the confines of the mass media. The radio is so terrifying mediocre; I can't say that I hate it, but I'll do anything within my power to avoid it. The proverbial gauntlet that an artist must endure to get their music heard is as daunting as it ever will be, and I feverishly applaud those that are putting their foot down and telling the industry that they don't want to do things the way things are being done anymore.

One of the entities that falls into this category is a nice little netlabel named Magnatune. Their entire vision is 100% in line with mine: get music out there CHEAP, don't FUCK the artist, and encourage people to SHARE the music. They really liked 8-Bit pimp and just released it on their site!

Here is the license the album is shared under:

Feel free to share it, tell people to buy it, remix it, whatever. We're going to announce some special stuff with this very soon!

The headline reads:

"A_Rival, revered game music impresario, releases debut solo album 8-Bit Pimp."

They also embedded the "Nuthin but a NES thang" video. Check out the story and share it with friends

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