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Wow, it seems like a whole lot of nothing can happen in 2 months... or that 2 months really isn't much time at all.

We were scheduled to play a show in Florida, but the event organizers dropped the ball and in turn let down a lot of people.  Shame on them!  Let's hope it can be better in the future!

Onto shinier subjects, we are playing a show in LA!  Pimps such as Mega Ran and The Megas will be there, amongst some other catchy acts.  Give their/our music a listen and deliberate as to why you shouldn't book your plane tickets RIGHT NOW.
Speaking of Mega Ran, he along with K-Murdock have just released Forever Famicom, an album of hot lyrics backed by NES beats...I bet that sounds familiar!  His beats are lifted from popular NES games with additional production.  Don't hesitate; grab immediately.

I'll be in and out of E3, so if you'll be in the area, hit me up.  There *may* be some sort of crazy afterparty after the show (makes sense, right?), but I'm not too certain.  I reckon I'll be inebriated beyond the point of embarrassment, so you may be able to get a hot freestyle out of me.  Who knows!

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