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This post is about Linkin Park.  I actually have a SHIT-TON of respect for these guys, so don't expect a full-fledged juvenile band critique or post-Transformers 2 oral hate-barf.  What I'm talkin about actually has some relevance!  Check out this video.

How much were you able to watch?  I wasn't able to finish it at first due to how cheesy the game looked, but I decided to clench my teeth and dive in head first.  After brushin' the debris from my shoulders, I made a list of my biggest issues with this game.

  1. COMPLETELY TRITE PREMISE - I think the first idea anyone has when making a retro game is the premise of making a good vs. evil 8-Bit vs the hi-def world type of thingie.  This is reflective of the false notion that retro gamers hate new games, which couldn't be further from the truth.  When games are GOOD, and LOOK NEW, any gamer will like it.  Only the total (ridiculous) die-hards will say that games were inherently better back in the 8-Bit era.  Or someone who hasn't played games since they were really young!  
  2. TERRIBLE FAUX 8-BIT TUNAGE - I can name 20 people off of the top of my head (including yours truly, give me a call, guys!) who could make a half-assed rendition of a Linkin Park track that would be much better than the junk that is on this trailer.  Honestly, if you're going to go out of your way to exploit the now-trendy 8-Bit scene, at least show some love to it and get some REAL CHIP MUSICIANS to do the music.  The badasses at CollegeHumor did a skit about an 8-Bit RPG hero being a big ol' jerk and basically pillaging a couple's house for items, and even they had the sense enough to get the excrutiatingly badass ANAMANAGUCHI to do the music for them.  Just takes a few clicks in google to find someone decent who would most likely do it for FREE.  Anything other than this bit & freq reduced garbage.  
  3. IT'S ALL ABOUT AWESOMELY AWESOME AWESOMAGE - OK guys, we get that you think 8-Bit is awesome.  We do too.  Thanks for making us 8-Bit fans seem like we are the same demographic that buys xtreme sports drinks and dons multi-colored mohawks.  This game just SCREAMS totally far-out gnarly.
  4. NO PIXEL ANIMATION? -  At least have some walk cycles.  Anything to show some old school flavor.  The vector-motion-happy game looks about as 8-Bit as a random flash game on newgrounds.
  5. BEAT THE GAME AND GET THE UNRELEASED TRACK - I think we know the big reason why this game was released.  Nice way to slip that in there!  Whether this is good marketing or bad taste is subjective, but either way really has nothing to do with 8-Bit anything.
I would've much preferred an actual regular-ass Linkin Park game.  I know Mike has a good head on his shoulders; why not just make an awesome game with all the money they have?  This game just comes off as a cheap ploy to get people riding the retro craze to be interested in Linkin Park, and I don't think it'll work.  I will definitely skip this.

The Scott Pilgrim game, on the other hand... well, that'll be a day 1 purchase, no doubt.

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