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Hey gang, it's about that time!  The physical CDs are now available!

The discs are $12 + shipping.  I will be selling these at PAX this weekend!  Art was done by the venerable Mandichan!

Cop it if you feel so inclined!  I also have a surprise for all of the album buyees!  Stay tuned for the email!

-A personally?  I love to watch.  I think that you do, too.  So, a few dudes and I are going to get real GREASY with the newest iteration of the Street Fighter series, SUPER STREET FIGHTER IV! will be streaming it live, so expect some man-on-man action and bad puns galore.

More info here:
OK... apparently people thought that the 6 tracks I had available for stream were the ONLY songs on the album.  So, for what it's worth, I'm going to have the entire album available for stream for a short time.  How short?  I don't know yet.

If you know anyone who was confused, please let them know!  And if you're teetering on the edge of album purchase, have a listen to the rest of the tracks and give it another chance!  See if you think it's worth it.

I hope it is!

It's online.  Click on the little speaker in the nav bar, click HERE or click on my little music player to grab it.

Also, I'll be posting impressions of the show and media as I get it.  For now, dinner!
Morgan Tucker aka CrashFaster has put together a show sampler for everyone to enjoy!

Get it at

We've hit the home stretch.  We're off and runnin'.  Yes, we have not been getting enough sleep.  This party is going to be NUTS.

If you're coming to the San Francisco album release party on Thursday, then I suggest you check out the lyrics that I've added to all of the tracks.  Concerts are so much more fun when you know the words right?

The internet here is just awful.  It'll be at least a week before I get proper internet again.  Hope everyone out there is doing well!  I'll see you next week if you're in town!

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