New website incoming. I promise.
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Soooo... I'm totally going to comb through my hard drive and find all of the  video game arrangements that I've done and/or are still working on, re-render them, and release them for free on my Bandcamp as an album.  If you have any requests or remember anything I've done, let me know and I'll hunt for it!  Some ones I've found so far:

Sonic 2 Chemical Plant
Gemini Man
Mario Kart Rainbow Road
Bubbleman (rearranged Version)
Blaster Master
Dr. Mario
F-Zero (Mute City)

..amongst some other ones.  Also, with some of these, I've collaborated with some Planetskill artists that will be announced soon.  This'll be big!
This flyer is the result of a lot of headaches.  Made in photoshop.  Big ups to everyone (especially Starpause) for telling me how much my other flyers suckled so that I could eventually make my way to this one.
Talk about a long time coming. Why so long?

My biggest problem is two-fold: I am both a perfectionist and a procrastinator.

These 2 do NOT go hand-in-hand happily. In fact, this is probably some of the most deadly productivity poison you can hope for. However, I've clawed through the debris and I've reached a place where I am happy releasing the album to the masses.

Some contraversial things I have done:

1. I MURDERED MySpace, which basically means I removed all of the myspace elements from the page. I'd prefer that people give me feedback through other means (facebook, blog comments, etc) rather than finding me through MySpace charts and posting spam comments in my comment box. MySpace is basically the Flash of social networking sites; it's longevity is only sustained by the fact that it was first, but its time has passed and new, better coded alternatives are here and it's time for change. Basically, fuck MySpace.

2. I've pooled all of the music onto BandCamp, a proper music site with proper music selling functionality! If you are unfamliar with it, or have a band in need of a fair, well-designed and FREE music hosting solution, give it a go! It's really wonderful. However, this also means that I've yet to start selling music on iTunes, which is unfortunate. It'll be a few months before I can work that out.

3. I'm having my album release party before I've set up nationwide distribution. However, I'll be selling lots of cool merchandise here, not to mention having an intense live show, so it'd be humbling to see the lot of you show up!

We have a LOT of great stuff in store for the future. I'm taking my time with this plan, so even though this beginning phase may seem rushed, the rest will definitely play out a lot smoother and make much more sense. I hope to see you there.

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